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In this powerful workshop, you will learn to...

  • Learn to set clear boundaries.
  • Scripts and tools on what to do when your boundaries are not being honoured.
  • Troubleshooting tricky boundary situations.
  • Find solutions to your biggest boundary challenges.
  • Q&A Session – We answered your burning questions.

BONUS: Receive our guide that will teach you how to set clear boundaries and offer you scripts of how to set navigate this with your partner and family.

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About the books

This book is for moms who are sick of the laundry lists of self-care strategies and are ready to discover a new approach to motherhood.

No cliches or to do lists here

Dr. Morgan's book equips you with a practical plan to feel more aligned with the mother you always imagined yourself to be without piling more on your plate!

Because we all want to be good moms but we want to feel good in motherhood too.

There is a mistaken belief that dependency is bad. As a result, people fear CODEPENDENCY and swing into independence. Yet neither of these work to build a healthy, connected relationship.

This book will teach you how to build healthy interdependence and how to balance both autonomy and intimacy.

Dr. Tracy’s book is part-memoir, part self-help, taking you on the journey of four couples who show up into her office all saying the same thing: I didn’t sign up for this. Through real life client stories and also her own, Dr. Tracy teaches us how to heal old wounds and negative patterns, build attachment security, and feel like a strong team in a connected relationship.