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I know how helpless and frustrating it can feel to get stuck in difficult converstations with others. I truly believe that sometimes we just need a little guidance in how to get our point across in a way that someone else can hear. I hope this guide does this for you so that you feel confident initiating and navigating these tricky conversations.

  • Please note that this guide will evolve. As scripts are added, your guide will be updated with more categories and examples.
  • Also, note that these are just suggestions. It’s helpful to customize these with your own words or emotions but they, at least, get you started in navigating some really sticky moments. If your relationship is beyond your ability to navigate, I strongly recommend finding a trusted professional to work with. These scripts are not therapy or a replacement for it.

I’m really excited for you to put these to use and would love your feedback and reviews. Feel free to DM me those anytime.

From my heart,

Dr.Morgan Cutlip


If you bought before November 25, 2022 you get a custom script. You can submit your request here (this is a guaranteed custom script). 

If you have an idea for a script that you’d like to see added to the guide, you can submit this here too (this is not guaranteed).


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Dr Morgan Cutlip

I am a wife, a mom, a PhD in Psychology and an advocate and life-long lover of all things relationships. My work centers around creative content development for My Love Thinks as well as research on the Love Thinks programs. I have a particular passion for helping my generation of Millennials find love, happiness, and longevity in their relationships. Oh yeah I have conducted several studies on the Love Thinks programs as well as research on the high divorce rate of female soldiers. If you are into reading that stuff, you can find it at PS I am available for questions so hit me up at

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