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This is to join the intensive group for couples. Here are some things you can expect from the group:

Here are just some of the topics that this group will likely be covering:

• Techniques for getting out of that bad attitude toward your partner
• Mindsets that are getting in the way of resolving issues and talking openly about your relationship
• Normalization that issues in relationships will come up AND a strategy for dealing with them
• Confidence in your ability to share your needs with one another without it resulting in defensiveness, competition or tit-for-tat
• Strategies to navigate and discuss the mental load
• Skills, language, and scripts for communicating more effectively

• The first audio lesson will be distributed November 6 and the live calls will be on Wednesdays. The time is tentatively set for 2 PM PST, if the group decides a later call is necessary, the time can be adjusted.

• Nov 8 2:00 pm PST
• Nov 15 2 PM PST
• Nov 29 2 PM PST
• Dec 6 2 PM PST

This group runs 4 weeks and includes:

  • 4 audio lessons released each Monday
  • Live 90-minute group call each Wednesday
  • Recap of the meeting, bonus information, and any additional resources released at the end of the week

As a member of the first group you will enjoy special bonus offers:

  • Longer calls
  • A 15-minute voice response to a question you have about your specific relationship
  • Additional guides and downloads at no cost

AFTER YOU PURCHASE: you will receive an email with an intake form and other release information. If, after review of your information, it is determined you are not a good fit for this group your money will be refunded.

SPOTS ARE VERY LIMITED: If the item is sold out it means spots have been claimed. If you’d like to reserve your spot in the next group, you can put a deposit down here. Please know that the cost of the group is subject to change.

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