Master Your Relationships

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Head Meets Heart

A course for singles that will equip you with all that you need to know to be able to follow your heart without losing your mind.

Rock Solid Marriage

A course for married couples that give you a practical plan for a happy, healthy, and lasting marriage. Comes with a FREE Couple Checkup!

Rock Solid Marriage Ready

A course for engaged couples that will equip you with a everything you need to know to have a happy and lasting marriage. Includes a FREE Couple Checkup!

The Mother Load

This course will explore the mental load: what it is, how it impacts your relationship, and what couples can do about it. The course includes video lessons and downloadable worksheets.

How to Have a Happy and Thriving Marriage After Kids: A Mini-Course

A mini-course on How to Have a Strong and Thriving Marriage After Kids. This webinar includes downloadable worksheets.

Sex in Marriage Webinar: For Women Only

A 90-minute webinar on Sex in Marriage: for women only with Dr. Morgan Cutlip.

Audio & eGuides Courses

7 Conversations to a Better Sex Life

Feel awkward talking about sex? Or don't know where to start? This guide walks you through 7 of the most critical conversations to have about sex with your partner.

From Confused to Clear: The Ultimate Guide to Knowing What you Need

An eGuide and audio guide to help you get over your hang ups around having needs and defining exactly what you need.

The Ultimate Scripts Guide

A master guide of scripts to help you navigate your trickiest relationship discussions from navigating the mental load to dealing with defensiveness.

Communicate Your Needs With Confidence

An eGuide and audio guide to help you assert your needs without any worry about how the other person will handle it. Intimidated no more, learn how to navigate these conversations with ease.