from confused to clear:

the ultimate guide to knowing what you need

The easy-to-follow plan that will help you define exactly what you need so you can finally feel cared for in the ways you most deeply desire.

When your needs have been neglected for so long, it makes sense if you don't even know what they are anymore.

Does this sound familiar?

Part of the problem is that...

You may have received messaging about your needs that may have told you to make your needs small or that you're too much.

It just makes sense that you've absorbed this messaging and you've adapted.

That's the normal response, you make changes in your behavior and stuff your needs which doesn't make them go away, they just get bigger.

Or they get stuffed for so long that you become really out of touch with your needs.

You know something doesn't feel good. Or that you don't feel like yourself or as loved as you want in your relationship, but you just don't know what you need to feel better.

This is why I created From Confused to Clear: The Ultimate Guide to Knowing What You Need.

Because you cannot climb your way out of burnout unless you know what you need.

And you cannot feel cared for and loved in your relationships if you can't get over your hangups around asking for what you need.

In this guide you will...

What others have to say...

Thank you so much for the needs
I love this resource so much!

Imagine how your life and relationships would be different if...

You didn't feel guilt for having needs

You stopped second guessing if your needs are too much

You knew exactly what you needed to feel loved and cared for in your relationships

When you had a free moment you knew exactly what you needed to feel fulfilled and rested

are you ready for all this?

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From Confused to Clear: The Ultimate Guide to Knowing What you Need

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